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Resource Rewind: March 2021

We put together a recap of our educational content for the month of March in case you missed anything!

Koha 20.11 Upgrade Notes

Koha 20.11 Upgrade Notes

Koha has done it again- a new release! Koha 20.11 is here!

Patron Categories

Patron Categories

The beginning part of Patrons in Koha starts in Patron Categories. Once we have patron categories, we can create patrons and build our database from there. Here we can look at the finer point of this large area of Koha.

Create Matching Profiles When Importing Records

Create Matching Profiles When Importing Records

In Koha 20.11, an enhancement to create a matching profile when importing records will exist. This will help libraries easily import their records consistently into Koha.

Unwanted Fields in the Purchase Suggestion Form

Unwanted Fields in the Purchase Suggestion Form

In Koha 20.11, there is now a new system preference that will allow libraries to hide fields in the purchase suggestion form on the OPAC.

March's Monday Minutes

Hiding Items in the OPAC

Kelly and Jessie will show you 2 systems preferences that tie into hiding items in the OPAC and making exceptions for certain patron categories. These system preferences are opachiddenitems and OpacHiddenItemsExceptions.

Reporting on the Deleted

Nick, a developer with ByWater Solutions, joins Kelly and Jessie to share some handy reports on how a library can report on deleted items, bibs, and patrons from their Koha system.

Custom Searches in the Item Search

Kelly and Jessie discuss another perk to their favorite search, item search! Did you know you can add custom search fields to the item search option in the staff client? Well, this week we will show you how!

Adding Guarantees

Jessie and Kelly walk through how to add a guarantor to a guarantee account and also adding guarantees to guarantor accounts.

Circulation Rules (Part 1)

Jessie and Kelly are starting off a four-part series all about Circulation Rules. This week we are focusing on adding a circulation rule to a single branch system.

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