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Monday Minutes: Let's Talk Labels Part 2

In this week's Monday Minutes, Kelly and Jessie meet with Lucas to discuss the label maker plugin. Last week we discussed the Koha Label Creator and the advantages it had for libraries. This week, we discuss the Label Plugin and its advantages for customizing labels.

Label Plugin

The creation of the Label Plugin was to alleviate some of the limitations that Koha's Label Creator had.

The advantages that the Label Plugin has

  • Creation of multi-sized labels on an individual sheet
  • Flexibility is spacing within the label
  • Flexibility in splitting call numbers
  • The ability to edit labels prior to printing
  • Additional fonts
  • Ability to use CSS for styling of the labels

By default, the label plugin has two types of labels that are commonly used outside of the label creator. The defaults will also allow users to easily modify specific areas given a type of template within the default.

Label Plugin Resources

We have a few resources available to Koha users for using both the label creator plugin and installing plugins:

KohaCon 2022: Leveling up with Plugins

Here is a great blog post about why plugins are developed written by our Koha Developer, Nick Clemens:

To plug, or not to plug? Why we develop Koha plugins

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