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Monday Minutes : Sharing Usage through Hea

Share Usage Stats with Koha

Koha is used worldwide and for developers to understand and know how libraries use Koha, usage statistics can be shared through Hea.

The data is stored: https://hea.koha-community.org/

Each library that uses Koha has the option to share their data. The data is collected by a cron job monthly and sent to Hea.

In the tutorial video, Jessie, Kelly, and Liz discuss Hea, cronjobs, benefits of sharing usage with Koha and also how to pronounce a few Maori words including Hea.

System Preferences

Libraries have options on what will be shared with Hea, here are the following system preferences that can be set up in Koha.

Usage Stats- Here a library can choose usage stats with the Koha Community. Yes, it means a library would like to share or No, which means a library would not like to share.

If a library chooses Yes, the Share Usage Stats Cron will need to be enabled to run on the site and collect the data.

The rest of the system preference can be filled out if you want to tell Koha who you are, you can fill

UsageStatsLibraryName - the library name.

UsageStatsLibraryUrl - the URL of the library catalog.

UsageStatsLibraryType - what type of library it is.

UsageStatsCountry - the country the library is in.

Which library data does this cron use?

The cron will do a few things, it will look at some of the library’s system preferences settings. A list of those system preferences can be found here.

The cron will also use the total number of the lines in these tables - and this data specifically is stored

Only the number of lines in these tables (anonymously) :

  • biblio
  • items
  • auth_header
  • old_issues
  • old_reserves
  • borrowers
  • aqorders
  • subscription

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