Monday Minutes: Creating a New Branch in Koha

Jessie and Kelly show libraries how to create a new branch in Koha. This is very helpful to libraries that are expanding or thinking of creating a mobile branch!

Adding a Branch

Under the administration section, Libraries is the section where a new branch can be added to your Koha system. An option to add a new branch will exist on the top of the page. Then the form will appear- the only required fields are Library code and Library Name.

Remember when creating a new code in Koha, it should be limited to 10 characters or less, all in caps and with no spaces or special characters.

The library name will be what is displayed throughout Koha and displayed in the OPAC. The address fields can be filled out - these fields will be used in the Notices and Slips module as well as the OPAC.

This blog post talks about a new feature coming in 20.05 which will allow libraries to have a link to each of their branches with the information listed in the Library set up from the staff interface.

Adding a Library Link to the OPAC

The OPAC information box will allow a library to provide any information about this branch to be displayed in the OPAC or in the Notices and Slips.

Pickup Location- this is essential if your library would like patrons to be able to choose this branch for pickups.


If this branch will be circulating items, a library may decide to have different rules associated with this branch. Once the branch is created, this branch will appear in the Circulation and Fine rule matrix.

When cataloging new items for this branch, your staff will want to be sure to note that these items are held by this new branch. Or if your library is looking to move items to this new branch, you can use the Batch Item Modification tool to change the Home/Holding Branch.

Batch Item Modification

Batch Modify Items right from your SQL Report

Aspen Libraries

For libraries using Aspen Discovery with Koha, see this helpful Aspen Weekly to help with the patron side of adding a new branch to your system:

Aspen Weekly: Adding a Bookmobile or Outreach Location