Koha How-To

Batch Item Modifications in Koha 16.11

This tutorial video will show you how to do batch item modifications in Koha 16.11.

Here are the steps:

  1.  From the Tools Menu
  2. Click Batch Item Modification
  3. From this screen, you can either download a barcode or item list to make edits or you can scan in the barcodes in the box.
  4. Click contine
  5. From this screen, you can show or hide specific columns depending on what you would like to see.
  6. Ensure all titles are checked mark- so Koha knows those are the items you would like to modify.
  7.  Scroll to the portion of the screen that says, Edit Items.
  8. Here is where you enter the information you would like to modify. Only fill out the fields that are going to be changed.  Anything you leave blank will remain the same.
  9. Click Save to make these modifications.
  10. This screen will know show you the items that you modified with the new changes.

To learn all about Koha 16.11 view the other videos in this series and make sure to review the manual and the release notes.