Batch Modify Items right from your SQL Report

In this tutorial, Kelly and Jessie will show you how to batch modify items directly from an SQL report in the Reports Module. With this great enhancement to the Reports Module, users now have the ability to send itemnumbers in report results directly to the batch modification tool.

Steps to Batch Modify

  1. Go to Reports and run a report that contains itemnumbers
  2. The column for itemnumbers how includes a button
  3. Click the batch modify button in the report results
  4. The list of numbers will be imported directly into batch item modification tool
  5. The itemnumbers that will be brought over to the batch item modification tool will only be the ones displayed on the screen. The default number of results is 20- but this can be changed up to 1000 if needed.
  6. Changing the number of items displayed on the report page prior to clicking the Batch Modify button will bring all the results you desire into the tool.


Staff who have permission to execute reports, but don't have permission to batch modify items, will not be able to complete the modification, even if they see that option to modify.

Staff with permission to execute reports and permission to batch item modify will be able to utilize this feature.

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