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Monday Minutes: Adding Default Values in a Framework

What are Frameworks?

Frameworks are like templates for creating new bibliographic records. Koha does come with predefined frameworks that can be edited. Librarians can create their own frameworks for assisting in their desired workflow.

Jessie and Kelly discuss specifically the InterLibrary Loan Framework and streamlining the process by adding values that are default with every ILL book that is cataloged at the library.

Steps to Editing a Framework:

Frameworks can be found in the Administration module-under Marc Bibliographic Frameworks.

Once in Frameworks, choose under Actions- Marc Structure.

If you know the Marc Field you would like to add a default value to, you can use the search box to enter the Marc Field and even the subfield - for example 942$c.

Under the tab, Advanced Constraints, there is a box for a default value. For our video, we decided to give each ILL record that is created the item type of ILL. The default value, in this case, must be the Koha Code for this Item Type. The code can be found in the Administrative Module under Item Types.

Enter in the Default Value and then hit Save.

To change an Item level value, this is found in the 952 marc tags. .

Search for the 952$3 - which will bring us to the Materials Specified field found in your Item Holding ($3). Enter in the text that you would like to pop up during the circulation process (both check-in/checkout).

One thing that is extremely useful to this editing process (that Jessie and Kelly didn't show) - was checking your work! Through the Administration module, there is an option to test your Framework called: Marc Bibliographic Framework Test.

Before going on to catalog a record using your newly edited framework, run this Marc Bibliographic Framework Test. This test will ensure all was done correctly with your edits.

After your test comes out all OK- proceed with cataloging with this newly edited framework.


Do not delete or edit the Default framework since this will cause problems with your cataloging records - always create a new template based on the Default framework, or alter the other frameworks.

If you would like assistance with editing any frameworks, please submit a ticket and we would be happy to assist you.

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