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KohaCon 2022: Designing a Patron Empowering OPAC

Lucas Gass and Jessica Zairo will explore some of the ways you can design the Koha OPAC to customize your interface, personalize your library brand and give your community exactly what they want. Accessibility/discoverability plays an important role in making sure your patrons can find what they are looking for. We will highlight Koha examples that have integrated features that have enhanced the users experience in the OPAC.


  • Marketing 3rd Party Products

  • Highlighting Patron Resources in the OPAC

  • Designing an accessible OPAC

Library Koha OPAC Examples

Bossier Parish Libraries, Bossier City, Louisiana, USA

Spalding University Library, Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Clover Park Technical College Learning Resource Center, Lakewood, Washington, USA

Galveston College, Galveston, Texas, USA

Code Examples

View all of Lucas' code examples here.

URL Resources

Highlighting Patron Resources

Monday Minutes: Digital Library Card

How to set Open/Close Hours on the Koha OPAC

Monday Minutes: Adding Links to the OPAC

Working with the Biblio API Endpoint

Marketing Third Party Resources

Koha Question of the Week: What eContent Integrations are Available?

OverDrive Integration in Koha

Monday Minutes: Integration with Hoopla

Koha Integration with Bibliotheca (Cloud Library)

KohaCon 22 Presentations

Here is a link to all the slides and presentations during KohaCon 22. Each presentation will have slides (if provided) and the recorded presentation listed on this link!

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