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Koha Question of the Week: How can a library find all the records they are suppressing from the OPAC?

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Question: How can a library find all the records they are suppressing from the OPAC?

Answer: There are a few ways to achieve this!


A simple SQL query can be run to show all the bibliographic records in your system that have the value of 1 in the 942$n MARC subfield.

Here is the SQL a library can add to their report library:

SELECT biblio_metadata.biblionumber, CONCAT('<a href=\"/cgi-bin/koha/catalogue/detail.pl?biblionumber=', biblio.biblionumber, '\">', biblio.biblionumber, '</a>' ) AS biblionumber, biblio.title, biblio.author
FROM biblio_metadata
JOIN biblio ON ( biblio_metadata.biblionumber = biblio.biblionumber )
WHERE ExtractValue( metadata, '//datafield[@tag="942"]/subfield[@code="n"]' ) = "1"

Super handy from this report, a library could easy do a batch edit of these records to easily report some or all of these.

Item Search

Another way to do this type of search within your system would be to add a Custom Search. By creating a custom search in the Administration Module, will allow the library to use the "Item Search" to search for these records.


1. Go to Administration Module

2. Under the Catalog section- "Item Search Fields"

3. Add a label, MARC field, MARC subfield.

Here is the example:


If you have recently changed over your process of how you suppress your records, after you watched this Monday Minutes, then you would create the Item Search using the Authorized Value YES/NO.

Monday Minutes: Easy MARC Record Suppression

That would look like this:

Using this New Added Item Search

Now once either of these is saved in your Administration section, this search option will appear in the Item Search- and look like this:

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