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Monday Minutes: Easy MARC Record Suppression

Jessie and Kelly walk through a new feature that will allow libraries to easily suppress a record with an authorized value of Yes/No when cataloging.

Authorized Values

By default, a library should have the Authorized Value "YES_NO". If a library does not have this value, you can certainly add this with two values, yes and no.


Under the Koha Administration Module, there are MARC Bibliographic Frameworks. We had a Monday Minute tutorial video on editing frameworks, so if you have never done this, feel free to watch this tutorial video first:

Monday Minutes: Adding Default Values in a Framework

We focus on Editing the Subfield, specifically the 942$n. Under the "Other Options" area, you can attach this field to an Authorized Value, YES_NO.

Test it out!

Go into the Cataloging Module and start a new record, whether that is original cataloging or from the z39.50, you will now see the dropdown option in the 942$n field. This option will also be available when editing the records.

Now go have fun and catalog!

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