Koha Upgrades

Koha 22.11: Cataloging Updates

New Features

[24606] Allow storing item values as a template for creating new items
This new features allows libraries to create and share item templates when creating items.
Monday Minutes: Item Templates
Sponsored by CLiC Colorado Library Consortium and Monterey County Free Libraries

[24857] Add ability to group items for records
With a new system preference, EnableItemGroups, libraries can now group items within a record.
Monday Minutes: Grouping Items with Holds
Sponsored by Arlington Public Library


[31162] Add a clear cataloging module home page
The features that catalogers frequently use have moved from the Tools module home page into the Cataloging module home page.
Koha 22.11: Cataloging Tools Moved Into the Cataloging Module

[30025] Split BiblioAddsAuthorities into 2 preferences
To clarify authority management, the system preference BiblioAddsAuthorities has been eliminated and replaced with RequireChoosingExistingAuthority and AutoLinkBiblios.
Koha 22.11: Clarify Authority Management

[27981] Add option to automatically set the 001 control number to the biblionumber
The new system preference autoControlNumber gives libraries the ability to generate a control number (001 tag) as the biblionumber when creating or editing a record. By default, this system preference will be set to not generate automatically, preserving existing behavior where the 001 field will not be touched.
Sponsored by Legislative Assembly of Nunavut Library

[30871] Make it clear that the 008 Type of Material is controlled by Leader 6th position in MARC21
To clarify how default values for the 008 are chosen in the basic and advanced editors, notes now appear when hovering over these elements.

[6936] Allow to limit on multiple itemtypes when exporting bibliographic records
Libraries can now select multiple item types from the export catalog tool. Previously, only one item type could be selected at a time.

Bugs Fixed

[30250] Configure when to apply framework defaults when cataloguing
The new system preference ApplyFrameworkDefaults adds the ability for libraries to apply framework defaults when cataloguing a new record, when editing a record as new (duplicating), when changing the framework while editing an existing record, or when importing a record. The feature will only fill framework defaults when the fields are empty. By default, only the first option (when cataloging a new record) will be selected in order to preserve existing behavior. This applies to both bibliographic records and authority records. (Backported to 22.05.010)

[15869] Change framework on overlay
This change fixes a long-standing bug where the framework specified during import only applied to new records and not overlaid matches.

System Preferences Changes

Deleted system preference:

New system preferences:

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