Administration Testing

Administration Training Review

The following checklist will walk you through steps to review your Koha system settings before going live. Each step includes a link to the most recent Koha manual and a tutorial video if one exists.

  • Review all system preferences, these are important for setting up your system before go live. (Learn More)
  • Go through the implementation checklist. (Learn More)
  • Enter in email addresses for all of your library branches. (Learn More | Tutorial Video)
  • Review your libraries and branches and make sure the contact information is right for all of them. (Tutorial Video)
  • Review your item types. Choose icons (if you want to use them) for each one and add a description to each that will make sense to your patrons. (Learn More| Tutorial Video)
  • Review your patron categories and make sure they make sense for your library. (Learn More | Tutorial Video)
  • If you'd like you can add a preset list of cities and states where your patrons live. (Learn More)
  • If you need additional patron fields (special IDs or department information) add those fields as patron attributes. (Learn More)
  • Review and/or set up your circulation and fine rules for each branch in your system. (Learn More)
  • Create a patron category for self registered patrons (if you're going to allow this). (Learn More)

If you have further questions on how to use Koha be sure to use your support provider’s ticketing system or the Koha mailing lists and chat room.

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