Ticketing System Updates

Get Excited! Ticketing System Updates!

We're adding a new option to select the Software Application on the New Ticket Creation screen. Now our partners can declare what app their ticket is about -- Aspen Discovery, Coral, FOLIO, Koha, Libki, the gang's all here!

We're also updating the User Interface to make ticket appear more clean and crisp. Let's take a look!

The next time you visit this login screen will greet you.

After logging in your display will look like this. Just as before navigate to the "New Ticket" button at the top of the page to make a new ticket.

Here's where you'll get to choose which software application your question is about. Aspen Discovery, Coral, FOLIO, Libki and if your question is about Koha, or any other topics, Support is right there at the bottom of the alphabetized list.

After clicking on the name of software application your question is about you'll be directed to the ticket composition window, just as before. In this case I'm writing up a ticket with a question about Aspen Discovery. If you click the wrong name, don't worry, just hit backspace to reselect it.

In this final screen shot I've submitted my ticket and now there are three Support tickets and one Aspen Discovery ticket waiting for the support leads to get to work answering my questions.

Times, they are a-changing, and we are here to support our partners every day! If you have any questions about the new look or feature please give us a call or submit a ticket!