ByWater Solutions receives Award for Outstanding contribution to Education and Documentation

This year at KohaCon2020 ByWater Solutions was presented with the Outstanding Contribution to Koha Education and Documentation Award. For the first time ever, KohaCon held its inaugural award ceremony and acknowledged the amazing work done by members of the Koha Community. We are so grateful to be part of such a collaborative group of librarians and technologists all working together to improve the experience of libraries worldwide. We are thrilled to be surrounded by Librarians, Developers, and Friends that care so deeply about the success of libraries and the growth of this project. Now more than ever libraries are in need of a high quality, economically responsible software solution and thanks to the hard work and effort of hundreds of contributors worldwide we can offer just that.

2020 Inaugural Award Recipients

  • Outstanding effort to share knowledge about Koha with a global audience – North-Eastern Hill University, Shillong
  • Longest tenure as an elected release team member – Katrin Fischer
  • Greatest overall community contribution by a volunteer - David Nind
  • Greatest number of patches by an individual for 2020 – Jonathan Druart
  • Greatest number of sign-offs by an individual for 2020 – Martin Renvoize
  • Outstanding commitment to free and inclusive library practices – IHC New Zealand
  • Outstanding contribution to Koha education and documentation – ByWater Solutions
  • In recognition of the long-lasting impact of your contribution to the Koha project – JoAnn Ransom, Rosalie Blake, Rachel Hamilton-Williams, and Chris Cormack
  • Lifetime community membership – Irma Birchall and Bob Birchall

Joy Nelon, President, Koha Division recently commented on the award.

This award was given to ByWater Solutions for all the work our team has done and continues to do in making educational materials (blog posts, documentation, podcasts, videos, conference talks, etc.) available to everyone in the Koha community, not just our 'paying partners'. Our achievements are shaped by the strength of the relationships we build every day with our partners and each other. The cooperation and shared vision between all the members of ByWater is what propels us forward and creates the foundation for us to achieve great things.

About ByWater Solutions

ByWater Solutions is made up of a diverse group of librarians, book lovers, technology and data geeks, photographers, Tolkien fans, space nerds, genealogists, knitters, gamers, animal lovers (furry or hairless), and most importantly, open-source fanatics who share our culture to positively impact our clients and our community.

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