Klassmates Program is Nurturing a Love of Open Source Software

The Koha Klassmates program was introduced back in 2015 by ByWater Solutions as a way to provide hands-on experience for Library School students before they enter the workplace. Koha Klassmates offers free hosted installations of the Koha Open Source ILS to library school instructors for use in their classrooms. Today, we celebrate six years and more than 40+ school programs that have implemented Klassmates.

William Helling, Associate Program Director, IUPUI Department of Library and Information Science, recently shared some feedback with us about the program and how his students have gained valuable knowledge from the program.

Many years ago, I decided to use the Klassmates program in my Library Systems class in order to give some hands-on experience to my students, many of whom had never seen an integrated library system interface before. I have continued ever since, building on this model, to have students involved in all aspects of creating a library with Koha from the ground up. Students are very grateful for the opportunity to learn how a system works at all levels, especially since they can use this knowledge in their careers. The Klassmates program allows me to educate current and future librarians in skills that they would not otherwise be able to gain.


ByWater Solutions supports libraries using Koha around the globe through our first rate support services and via the Koha Klassmates program.

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Stephanie Reid, Professor at Mohawk College for the Library and Information Technician Diploma Program, recently shared feedback about the program.

Our program really wanted to provide students with a hands-on learning cataloging experience. Klassmates does this. After learning the theory, students apply it by inputting the data within the correct fields. The feedback has been very positive. Students feel like they are not only learning the material, but even better, they are learning how to apply it. This makes them more employable. It's real world experience.

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