It's Time to Leave the Past Behind

Outdated ILS holding you back? It’s time to leave your past behind. At ByWater Solutions, we believe that the future is open. Today's ILS market is drastically changing; libraries worldwide are quickly learning that traditional software models that command large price tags and offer little in terms of support and flexibility are becoming things of the past.

Adopting an open source integrated library system not only lowers the price you pay for your software but more importantly it empowers your organization to take control of your technology and drive the direction of the ILS rather than acting as a bystander. Finally, you can have a voice regarding what features are added to your system and when you can take advantage of them. Because of this development model, open source software offers an impressive suite of functionality that is updated on a constant basis.

We're Here to Support You

ByWater Solutions was dreamed up by a librarian who saw the need for a library vendor that put customer service first. “Happy partners” is our philosophy with which we base all decisions. A support-first philosophy has enabled ByWater Solutions to become a company that supports libraries in 47 states and 12 countries. Our staff work in various time zones to offer daily support; when you’re open, we’re open.

At ByWater Solutions, our goal is to empower libraries to explore, implement, and successfully use open source solutions such as Koha and Aspen Discovery. We are flexible and responsive, offering customized hosting, migration, training, development, and 24/7 support options according to our customers’ needs.

We're Partners

At ByWater, we refer to our libraries as partners. We truly see our relationships as a partnership between us, the library, and the library’s patrons. We do everything in our power to listen to the needs of both the front and back end user when rolling out developments and implementations. We are constantly streamlining processes and thinking of ways to better serve our libraries and their communities. During migration and beyond, we make sure to stay connected through Slack, email, and check-in calls throughout the year. You're never alone when you have ByWater Solutions on your side.

We Have A Lot in Common

ByWater Solutions is made up of a diverse group of librarians (over 85% of our staff have a MLS/MLIS), book lovers, technology and data geeks, photographers, Tolkien fans, space nerds, genealogists, knitters, gamers, animal lovers (furry or hairless) and most importantly, open source fanatics who share our culture to positively impact our clients and our community. We love being embedded in the open source and library community and are thankful to have hundreds of partners-turned-friends throughout the world.

Ready to Meet?

We'd love to get to know the needs of your staff, your library, and your community better. We believe we can offer you better support and better software (at better pricing) than you currently have.

Want to learn more? Reach out today!

Jessica Zairo
Director of Library Sales & Outreach
ByWater Solutions

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