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Aspen Discovery 23.11.00 Release Notes

Aspen Discovery announced this week that the 23.11.00 release is now available.

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This release contains contributions from:

  • ByWater Solutions
  • PTFS Europe
  • Theke Solutions
  • Brendan Lawlor, CLAMS

Thanks to all the contributors!!!

23.11.00 Release Notes

Account Updates

  • Reduce cache time for account information (summary, holds, checkouts) from 15 minutes to 5 minutes.
  • Correct resetting PINs after a user self registered without a PIN or has only been loading in Aspen via Masquerade Mode.

Accelerated Reader Updates

  • Properly handle new format of Accelerated Reader Exports.

API Updates

  • In Search API, getLocationInfo will now return some the location's Grouped Work Display Settings.
  • In Search API, getLibraryInfo will now return some the library's Grouped Work Display Settings.
  • In Search API, getAvailableFacets now returns values for the availability toggle.
  • In Search API, searchLite now returns values for the availability toggle.
  • In Search API, if searchLite returns 0 results when the availability toggle is not set to global, it will retry the search as global.
  • In User API, honor pType restrictions for account linking

Cookie Consent Updates

  • Store cookie consent options with the user when logged in. When logged out, store the selected options in a cookie.
  • When logging in, transfer settings from cookie to user if the user has not already selected their options.
  • Hide Google Analytics tracking code if the user has opted out of tracking.

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Evergreen Updates

  • Add error checking when adding libraries from Evergreen to ensure subdomains are the correct length.
  • Allow Evergreen titles to not include collections for the items.

Genealogy Updates

  • Correct import of people to set date added.
  • If date added is not present when saving a person, add before saving.

Hoopla Updates

  • Add additional authors (other than primary author) to keyword index.

ILL Search Links

  • For WorldCat and INN-Reach ILL systems, through "Request through ILL" user searches will be redirected to the correct URL with search parameters retained.

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Polaris Updates

  • Increase buffer when polling for changes to 15 minutes from 5 minutes to ensure all bib and item changes are properly captured.

Sierra Updates

  • Temporarily disable name/barcode login for Sierra.

Symphony Updates

  • Extended the Symphony Payment Type field in Library Systems to allow values up to 12 characters.
  • Fix issue where non-public notes were showing for some multi-volume Symphony records
  • Update custom self registration forms to always use separate city and state fields and use the City / State setting to determine how the fields are submitted
  • Added 'prompt for parent' to custom self registration forms

User List Updates

  • Added the ability for users to choose whether to display their own name or have it appear as "Library Staff" when they create a public list.

New Settings

  • Your Lists > Show list author in search results (Only shown for public searchable lists)

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Other Updates

  • Fix issue where exporting selected eCommerce reports to csv was exporting blank values
  • Cover images in browse categories will no longer be stretched in height to fill a minimum box height in "Grid" mode.
  • When signing up for 2-factor authentication display an error message if the user does not have an email associated with their account.
  • If a 2-factor authentication code cannot be sent to a user display an error message.
  • If 2-factor authentication has been disabled for a patron type, do not start the verification process if the user previously opted in to 2-factor authentication.
  • Renamed default label for availability toggle from "Available?" to "Search Within".
  • Added role="button" to the get more results link chevron within search results and browse categories
  • List covers will now properly inherit the theme's Cover Image Style preference.

Aspen LiDA Updates

Self-Check Updates

  • Added settings to define a location's barcode styles that are allowed when checking out items. If none are provided, defaults of Codabar, UPC A, UPC E, UPC EAN, EAN-13, and EAN-8 are applied.

New Settings

  • Aspen LiDA > Self-Check Settings > Valid Barcode Styles

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  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause the Place Hold modal to appear to never complete.
  • Added a new default facet option for setting the Availability toggle.

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Watch the 23.11.00 Aspen Updates in an Instant Recording

Watch a short highlight video of the some of the new features available in 23.11.00

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