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Aspen Discovery 22.11.00 Release Notes

Aspen Discovery announced this week that the 22.11.00 release is now available.

See the Release Summary here.

The best way to find a book on the shelf or figure out whether or not it’s available varies by library, so with Aspen we created more display options to make sure all of our partners can show the information that makes the most sense for their patrons.”

- Jordan Fields, Aspen Product Librarian

22.11.00 Release Notes

Axis360 Updates

  • Additional error handling when Access Token cannot be retrieved from Axis360.

Export to Excel Updates

  • Allow Lists to be Exported to Excel
  • When exporting materials requests, export hold pickup location, staff comments, and if an email has been sent.
  • When exporting materials requests, export the name of the user rather than their id.
  • When exporting grouped work search results, fix the output of authors and location/call number information.

Evergreen Updates

  • Load Patron Types from Evergreen automatically during indexing.
  • When placing a hold, load notification preferences for the user.
  • Add a new page to update Hold Notification settings within MyAccount.
  • When masquerading as a patron, lookup the patron by barcode if the patron has not logged in previously.
  • When loading patron type for a patron, load the name rather than numeric id.
  • Allow Masquerade Mode to be used with Evergreen with the ability to view account information, place holds, renew checkouts, and freeze and thaw holds.
  • Show hold queue position in the hold queue.
  • Show number of renewals remaining for checkouts.
  • Show credits on a patron's account.

Hoopla Indexing Updates

  • Allow indexing Hoopla records daily at 1am UTC looking at the previous 25 hours of changes rather than indexing continuously.

Indexing Updates

  • Add number of invalid records to indexing logs and do not generate errors when invalid records are encountered.
  • Additional error handling when invalid MARC data is encountered during nightly indexing as well as when extracting records from an ILS.
  • When updating child titles based on the 773 fields, restrict the title to 750 characters
  • Properly delete parent records when 773 no longer exists.
  • Ensure translation maps are closed after loading them.
  • When using item based format mapping and the item level format has been cleared to force bib level evaluation use the original value for the format if the bib format is the same as the item.
  • When converting MARC records to JSON and storing in the database remove any tags that are not numeric and properly escape marc indicators.
  • Hide the series label if the 490 field is an empty string
  • Update closed captioning checks to also check the 546 field. Add checking subject fields to included looking for closed captioned at the start of the subject.

Koha Updates

  • Manual renewals now honor OPACFineNoRenewals and OPACFineNoRenewalsIncludeCredits system preferences.
  • Add additional logging of ILS-DI responses during patron login.
  • When importing covers that have been uploaded to Koha, properly set file permissions.

Polaris Updates

  • Correct saving Carrier for text messages.

Search/Record Display

  • Updated UI to show copy summary information in search results in one column instead of two (Ticket 100367)
  • In Grouped Work Display Settings, change the "Show Where is it?" option to "What to show for copy summary and where is it link" with the following options:
    • Show first 3 available copies & Where Is It link always
    • Show first 3 available copies & Where Is It link only if there additional copies
    • Show first 3 available copies only
    • Show Where Is It link only
  • When sorting copies, show copies owned by the Main branch of a library before copies owned at other locations.
  • When displaying 856 links, if there is more than one link, display a dialog to allow the user to select which link to view.

Self Registration

  • Do not allow autocomplete of the self registration form

Symphony Updates

  • Force the user to revalidate after a PIN has been reset.

Other Updates

  • Correct display of course reserve titles in search results to show instructor name.
  • Update MARC Holdings display to account for multiple holdings (866 fields) in a single location.
  • Fixed an issue where browse category shifts if display is set to Grid
  • Allow materials request formats to be deactivated for new requests.
  • Fixed an issue where the display title wasn't displaying correctly in LiDA
  • When updating a pickup location the options will be limited to the format's pickup rule.
  • Make additional cases of the term OverDrive translatable
  • Fix screen shifting issues for citations
  • Fixed an issue where the format category filter was displaying incorrect values in the Advanced Search
  • Handle search terms being supplied with a q parameter in addition to the lookfor parameter.
  • Adjust logging of caching info to only cache for IP addresses with debugging turned on.
  • Correct footer display width when search tools are shown above the results.
  • Make the default collection spotlight style Horizontal Carousel.
  • Make additional fields translatable within the user interface.
  • Automatically compress external request log when running database maintenance.
  • Only force a nightly index to run when Database Maintenance Updates are run rather than when the page is loaded.
  • Access Online links generated from MARC 856 fields will now open in a new tab.
  • Do not display expiration warning as a hyperlink.
  • When clearing bib data in Greenhouse, force appropriate indexes to run again.
  • When placing a hold only update the preferred pickup location if "Always use this pickup location" is checked.
  • Update opacity of covers shown within collection spotlights.
  • Additional logging when there are errors updating the memory cache.
  • Minimize information returned by apache headers (do not show OS and additional information)
  • Do not return PHP information as part of headers.
  • Hoopla records with season/episode or subtitle information will now display the same title on full record view as they do in search results
  • Make unknown cloudLibrary titles translatable in Checkouts and holds.
  • Small fix for Vox Books displaying as "Vox", they will now have the proper format "Vox Books" applied
  • Make sure image magick is installed (for generating PDF thumbnails)

Aspen LiDA Updates

  • When opening typing in a modal with the keyboard, keep it out of the viewing area.
  • Correct the initial setting for "Allow notifications" which would prevent the other settings from being saved.
  • When logging in and selecting a library ensure that the array of libraries is available for searching.
  • On the Search screen, users can now set facets and a sort method to filter and organize their search results.

Watch the 22.11.00 Aspen Updates in an Instant Recording

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