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Aspen Discovery 22.08.00 Release Notes

Aspen Discovery announced this week that the 22.08.00 release is now available.

See the Release Summary here.

Sometimes it’s the small things that can make the biggest difference to patrons. Aspen’s “New” badge is the perfect example of that kind of delightful detail that makes using Aspen a pleasure."

- Jordan Fields, Aspen Product Librarian

22.08.00 Release Notes

Account Menu Updates

  • Update account menu and account sidebar so all items are in the same order and have consistent names.
  • Remove Lists Account Menu within the sidebar and direct users to the Lists page.
  • Change Fines and Messages menu to just Fines
  • Update reference to My Account, My Ratings, etc to Your Account and Your Ratings.

Collection Spotlight Updates

  • Properly create collection spotlights from searches that have filters which are only available in Advanced Search.

EBSCO updates

  • Consortia can use both EBSCOhost and EDS. Only one of these may be active for a single library at a time. Aspen will defer to EDS if both have search settings, but if EDS search settings are set to "none" EBSCOhost will be the active Articles & Databases search source.

Evergreen Updates

  • Process both large bibs xml file and all bibs MARC file for full export.
  • When a hold fails, do additional checking for error messages to display to the patron.

Evolve Updates

  • Setup indexing for evolve based on MARC exports as well as changes from the API.
  • Allow patrons to login to their account
  • Load Checkouts, Holds, and Fines from Evolve.
  • Allow patrons to place holds.
  • Allow patrons to cancel holds and change hold pickup locations.
  • Allow patrons to renew checked out titles.

Grouping Updates

  • Do additional validation of languages from MARC records to ensure the language is 3 characters and that it does not contain spaces.

Hoopla Updates

  • Support Binge Pass records from Hoopla.

Indexing Updates

  • Performance updates when indexing records.
    • Detect duplicate records owned and records to include rules and only process once per rule.
    • Optimization when checking if an item is owned by a library if the library has lots of locations.
    • Optimization of Hoopla record scoping.
    • Code based optimization to use more efficient structures and calls.
    • Optimization determining item identifiers.
  • When checking the bib for call number use the 082 field if a call number is not found anywhere else.
  • When indexing formats from items, use the bib level format if the item field does not exist in the translation map.

OverDrive Updates

  • Default allow large deletes on.

PayPal Updates

  • If no reason is provided for a fine, pass the message to PayPal as the name of the fine.
  • Disable Shipping information when paying Fines and Fees with PayPal.

Saved Search Notifications

  • Automatically check saved searches for a user to see if they have titles added in the last week.
  • When a user has saved searches with new results, show a badge in the account menu to indicate they have new titles.
  • In search history, indicate which searches have new titles in the last week with a link to see just those titles.
  • When showing results for a saved search in search results or a browse category, show a badge indicating new titles above the cover.
  • Log files for checking search updates can be found in the System Reports section of Aspen Admin.

Search Updates

  • When applying a default availability toggle, properly filter formats based on the default toggle value.
  • Update display of editions within search results and grouped work display to eliminate scrolling side to side and add an option to display content with or without labels.
  • Change Quick Copy View terminology to Where is It?
  • Add the ability to display the New Flag on all new titles within search results within Grouped Work Display Settings.

Sierra Updates

  • Updates to messaging when a fine cannot be completed within Sierra.

Symphony Updates

  • Only check the latest uploaded file to see if it is still changing.
  • Handle cases where serials data is exported into the MARC export as partially complete MARC records.

Other Updates

  • If a checked out item has a hold on it, display that information to the user and hide the renew option.
  • Updated the modal title for placing item level holds.
  • Properly center titles within Explore More.
  • Update terminology for "Remember Me" on login screens to "Keep Me Signed In".
  • When Bypass Automatic Logout is turned on for a staff user, treat the session as if "Keep Me Signed In" was enabled.
  • All Administration pages will now have a save button that can be tapped instead of having to scroll to the top of the page.
  • Add a graph of Wait Time for the previous two weeks to the greenhouse.
  • Allow Single Works to be passed to indexers from the command line.
  • Optimization for clearing expired session.
  • Set a default crawl delay of 10 seconds for robots.

Aspen LiDA Updates

  • Added saved searches to the account drawer which will also indicate how many searches have had new titles added in the last week.
  • Added a saved searches screen for a list of a user's saved searches and a badge if new titles have been added in the last week.
  • When showing results for a saved search in search results or as a browse category, show a badge indicating new titles above the cover.
  • Limit home page categories to 5 by default even if the first 5 categories have subcategories.
  • When adding titles to a list, and if other lists exist, pre-select the last used list.
  • Fixed an issue that would allow a user to make multiple lists with the same title.
  • Fixed an issue where Android users couldn't interact with the login or grouped work screens.
  • Fixed an issue where if a user list was hidden as a browse category, it wouldn't display on the lists screen.

Watch the 22.08.00 Aspen Updates in an Instant Recording

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