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The 23.12 release for Aspen Discovery and LiDA includes improvements to relevancy and more for LiDA with linked accounts as part of the 80+ new enhancements!

Aspen Discovery prides itself on relevancy, but making sure that our search is amazing for our partners is an ongoing process. With feedback from the Aspen Community, we’re excited to be launching more than a dozen relevancy improvements with 23.12."

- Jordan Fields, Aspen Product Librarian

As larger consortiums use Aspen, we’ve identified a need to update the relevancy to take into account the many dozens of editions a consortium might have of the same title. We’ve also made improvements to title searches to better take series titles into account. For sorting, we’ve made some smaller updates such as ignoring econtent when doing call number sorts and making sure that we’re always ignoring articles for title sorting no matter the source of the content.

This month saw LiDA adding a few final features and notifications to make sure that all functionality for Aspen Linked Accounts is included in LiDA and synced with a patron’s use of Aspen Discovery. LiDA also moved loading of patron languages to on-demand to improve loading performance.

In the 23.09 release, we added Quick Polls to the Web Builder suite of offerings. In this release, we increased the functionality but giving libraries a way to visually show patrons the results of these polls.

Check out the 23.12 release notes to learn about these features and all of the updates in the latest Aspen Discovery and LiDA release!

This release includes code contributions from:

  • ByWater Solutions

  • Theke Solutions

  • PTFS Europe

  • Nashville Public Library

  • CW/Mars

  • Equinox Open Library Initiative

  • Lake Agassiz Regional Library

Thanks to all of our contributors and our community for another successful release!

Read the Full Release Notes

You can find the full release notes here.

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About Aspen Discovery

Aspen is a full-featured Discovery System that integrates with eContent and other third-party providers, giving your patrons comprehensive access to all of your materials in one place. Aspen combines your library catalog with e-content, digital archives, and enrichment from all major third-party providers. It also improves relevancy and ease of use, provides native reading recommendations, displays all formats of titles within one result (record grouping), and much more. With included features like web builder and mobile app (Aspen LiDA), Aspen was created to give users an improved experience over other Discovery systems, with less impact on library budgets.

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