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10 Reasons to Be a koha-US Member

Have you thought about joining koha-US? The core elements of koha-US are Communicate, Educate, and Collaborate. These elements define the purpose of strengthening involvement with the global Koha community. Members and volunteer leadership create a better future for libraries and Koha, together. Membership is open to all Koha libraries and users.

10 Reasons to Be a koha-US Member

  1. Voice - Have an equal opportunity to propose bug fixes/enhancements that should be developed by koha-US

  2. Voting opportunities
    1. Location and time of Annual koha-US Conference

    2. Which developments get funded (bug fixes and enhancements)

    3. Select the leaders that will run the organization

  3. Collaboration – Be put in touch with subject matter experts through koha-US Skill Collaborators.

  4. Personal Network - Work alongside dedicated Koha users and build professional connections and personal relationships

  5. Leadership Opportunities – Members have the ability to join the Board and help decide the direction of koha-US

  6. Impact in Koha community – Shared knowledge and experience can be shared to those outside your local community to those with similar needs but different contexts

  7. Give back to the koha-US - Help support koha-US to continue to offer several resources available to all.
    Free to all resources:
    1. Tutorial videos and other Koha educational materials

    2. A full monthly calendar of SIG (Special Interest Group) zoom meetings and mailing lists

    3. Highlighting bug fixes/enhancements related to local library issues

    4. General koha-US electronic mailing list and koha-US website

    5. Monthly general meeting

  8. Save Money - Discounts on events like the Annual koha-US Conference

  9. Great Deal - Membership only costs $25 a year ($12.50 beginning July 1)

  10. Have FUN!

How do I become a member

Group, institutional, and consortium-level memberships are not available at this time. Multiple individual memberships from any library/organization are welcomed and encouraged.

All memberships are non-refundable, non-transferable, and will not automatically renew. Memberships take effect on January 1, 2023, or when membership dues (25.00 USD) are received, whichever is later. All 2023 memberships will expire on December 31, 2023.

Become a member today! https://koha-us.org/membership/

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