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Unwanted Fields in the Purchase Suggestion Form

In Koha 20.11, there is a new system preference that will allow the library to determine which fields in the purchase suggestion form they would like their patrons to fill out. This system preference is called: OPACSuggestionsUnwantedFields.

System Preference

In this global system preference, OPACSuggestionsUnwantedFields, the library can pick the fields that a patron will not see in this form. The options that will display are:

Any fields that are marked in this system preference will not display on the Purchase Suggestion on the OPAC. With this new system preference, the system preference, AllowPurchaseSuggestionBranchChoice is getting removed from Koha. If a library does not want a patron to choose the branch during this process, then the library can now mark this field, ‘Library or Branch’ as unwanted.

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