Aspen Discovery

Ratings and Recommendations in Aspen Discovery - Video Tutorial


  • Users can rate titles on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. Where 1 is a low rating and 5 is a high rating.
  • Users must log into Aspen before rating a title.
  • Once the user starts rating titles in the system, Aspen will start making recommendations based on titles the user has given favorable ratings. Recommendations are based on the "More Like This" information which shows for records. It doesn't depend on any 3rd party subscriptions, and it works for all types of content.


  • Users can write reviews of titles they enjoyed or disliked or felt "ok" about.
  • Once logged into the system the user can click on the "Add Review" button. This will populate a modal window where the user can adjust their rating from a dropdown menu and begin writing their review. Once complete, the user will click submit review.

This video tutorial will show you and your patrons how to rate and review items and how to access or edit those ratings. It will also show patrons where their recommendation are based on those ratings.

Read more by Emily Fowler