Koha Materials

Practice Exercises for Migrating Libraries

Whether you are a new migrating library or need practice exercises for a new staff member, here are some great ideas to practice Koha workflows! At the bottom of this section, there are resources available to help with these exercises.

Patrons - Creation

  • Create a patron from your favorite book (or movie)

If your library will be using guarantor/guarantee relationships:

  • Add a guarantee to this patron
  • Create a second patron using a different category - try to fill out all the fields.

If your library is uploading photos for your patrons:

  • Upload an image for a patron

Self Paced Learning in Koha: Patrons

Koha Manual: Patrons

Searching and Modifying Patrons


  • Search for a patron by last name that is currently in your system
  • Search for one of the patrons you created
  • Search for another patron by their first name
  • Search for a patron by card number
  • Search for a patron by first name and category
  • Search for a patron by email address
  • Merge two patrons- find two patrons and choose to merge them into one account
  • Add a secondary phone number
  • Add a message to a patron account
  • Add an initial to a patron’s name
  • Change your patron’s ZIP code
  • Change your patron’s category
  • Add checkout notices by email
  • Add check-in notices by email

Self Paced Learning in Koha: Intro to Staff Client

Koha Manual: Search Patrons

Circulation Exercises

  • Check out a book to the patron you created
  • Check out another book and specify a due date
  • Place a hold on a book that is currently checked out.
  • Then check in that item with a hold on it and confirm the hold
  • Renew a book checked out your patron
  • Print a Quick Slip ( or at least start to)
  • Print a Summary
  • Print Issue Slip

Self Paced Learning in Koha: Circulation

Self Paced Learning in Koha: More Circulation

Koha Manual: Circulation


  • Place a hold on an available item
  • Trigger (check-in) this hold
  • Cancel a hold for a patron
  • Move a patron to the top of a holds list

Self Paced Learning in Koha: Circulation

Koha Manual: Holds


  • On the patron you created, charge them a few manual invoices
  • Pay half of the amount owed
  • Add a damage fee to a patron account
  • Pay a specific line on a patron account
  • Write off a specific line on a patron account
  • Print a receipt for a paid fine

Self Paced Learning in Koha: Fines

Other Tasks

  • Add a non-patron guarantor to a Child’s card
  • Suspend a hold with an end date
  • Suspend a hold indefinitely
  • Create a Public List
  • Create a Private List

Printable PDF

If you prefer to have a printable worksheet, here is a PDF to download and use.