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Self Paced Learning in Koha: More Circulation

Fast Add Cataloging

Changing the Status of an Item

At times, the status of an item will need to be altered. In Koha, these statuses are Damaged, Withdrawn, Not for Loan and Lost. In this short tutorial video, we will show how to do this through the Staff Client.

More information can be found about Lost statuses- in this blog post.

Creating Public Lists

A public list can be created on the staff side to promote material to users to see on the OPAC. Here is a short tutorial video on creating a public list on the staff client.

Using the Claims Returned Feature

Here is a link to a helpful PDF to share with staff on using the Claims Returned feature.

More information can be found in this blog post.

More Circulation Tutorials

Check out our Explore Koha section specifically related to Circulation.

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