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Monday Minutes: Resolving Returned Claims

In this week's Monday Minutes, Kelly and Jessie show off a new feature for the Claims Returned enhancement, which allows staff to resolve the open claim at the time of check-in.

Claims Returned

This is a great feature that came out a few versions of Koha ago, this new enhancement will make this process a little more seamless for the circulation staff. Once an item has been "claimed returned", this remains an open claim until the claim has been resolved. When the item is returned, the status of claims returned is removed, but the claim remains active until the claim is resolved. Now during the check-in process of a "claimed" item, staff can have the option to close that claim at the same time, without having to go into the patron account and resolve it from there.

Simple process, checking in an item that has been claimed, now will have a pop up displayed with the patron name of who claimed it and an option to resolve this claim from this screen.

Staff can choose which resolution option to choose from a drop-down - and also determine if the status of the item should change from the current status to another lost status.

Handy Report

Since the resolution of a claim required a few extra steps prior to 21.11, a library can run this report and find out what items are currently open claims, but have been returned:

select b.title, i.barcode
from items i
left join biblio b using (biblionumber)
where itemlost=0 and itemnumber in (select itemnumber from return_claims where resolution is null)

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