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Monday Minutes: PayPal System Preferences

Coming in our next Koha release this Fall 2021, the system preferences for PayPal will be going away. Instead, a PayPal plugin will be used for libraries to allow their patrons to pay fines through the OPAC. Jessie and Kelly show the plugin and talk about our upcoming upgrade.


If this is your first time hearing about Koha plugins, more information can be found here to assist you in this plugin process:

Monday Minutes: Plugins in Koha

and Nick, a developer with ByWater, wrote a great blog post about why we use plugins:

To plug, or not to plug? Why we develop Koha plugins

PayPal SetUp

If your library has been using PayPal through Koha, now is the time to install the PayPal plugin and stop using the System Preferences. Coming this fall, with the release of 21.05, Koha will be removing these system preferences.

If your library would love to start using PayPal to allow patrons to pay fines with, install the Plugin!

The PayPal plugin can be downloaded from this Github site.

We have outlined the steps on how to configure this plugin on this blog post:

Paypal Update

Fall 2021 Koha Release

We are doing a combined release in the Fall, our partners will be getting 20.11 & 21.05

Here are more exciting 20.11 & 21.05 features and enhancements coming this fall:

Koha: 21.05 Upgrade Notes

Koha 20.11 Upgrade Notes

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