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Monday Minutes: Switching to Elastic Search

In this week's Monday Minutes, Jason Robb from SEKLS joins Kelly and Jessie to talk about Elastic Search.

What is Elastic Search?

Elasticsearch is a search engine that is available to use within the Koha system. Prior to the elastic integration in Koha, Zebra was the main search engine. If you are interested in switching to Elastic Search, please contact ByWater Solutions by submitting a ticket.

Once you have switched to Elasticsearch in your SearchEngine system preference, you’ll see a new link for Search engine configuration in the Catalog section of Administration. Here you will manage indexes, facets, and their mappings to MARC fields and subfields.

SEKLS Examples

Jason Robb is the SEKnFind Coordinator at the Southeast Kansas Library System (SEKLS). They switched to Elasticsearch in late 2021. You can view their OPAC here: https://www.seknfind.org/.

Jason created a syntax cheatsheet for the libraries when they switched. You can use that reference for searching within elastic.

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