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ElasticSearch Town Hall Meeting

Here is a recorded video of the ElasticSearch Town Hall from December 7, 2017.  Educator, Kelly McElligott is joined by Nick Clemens to demonstrate the new feature, ElasticSearch, coming to Koha soon.  Nick Clemens is one of the developers with Bywater and has been working on this feature for some time.  During this Town Hall, Nick was able to also answer some great questions from our Partners.

ElasticSearch is a growing feature and we would love to see it develop into a larger more robust enhancement.  For this development to happen, we do need money to continue and maintain  the growth of this project.

We need funding on three levels, there are things that ByWater is committed to developing. Paid developments take priority so any help in funding these can help us get Elasticsearch going and improved much faster

Three development levels

1 – Make it stable – cost $10,000

  • Improve defaults
  • Use it everywhere
  • Prevent configuration changes from taking immediate effect
  • Authorities – make searches comparable
  • ICU characters in search strings

2 – Make it better – cost $10,000

  • Import / Export Settings
  • Relevancy ranking

3 – Wishlist – $100,000

  • Ingest RDF / Bibframe data
  • Ability to ingest any metadata and have that dynamically indexed and displayed  

If you are interested in funding ElasticSearch, please contact : kyle@bywatersolutions.com

Here are the links for the ElasticSearch wiki and the Bywater Sandboxes that Nick shows during this Town Hall.

ElasticSearch Wiki:  https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Elasticsearch_status#Known_issues

Bywater SandBoxes:  sandbox.bywatersolutions.com/cgi-bin/sandbox-dashboard.pl