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Monday Minutes: Customizing the Menu in the Staff Client

Jessie and Kelly show the system preference, IntranetNav, which allows libraries to add links/text to the top static bar on the Staff Interface.

System Preference

There is a system preference, IntranetNav, which can be used to alter the top bar on the staff client. A library can add Text or a Link. Koha does need this in HTML structure.

To add a link, enter this into the system preference box:

<li><a href="/cgi-bin/koha/cataloguing/plugin_launcher.pl?plugin_name=cn_browser.pl">Call Number Browse</a></li>


Start with a <li> and always end with a </li>.

The URL is between the quotes. After the URL and > this will be the text you would like displayed on the Staff Client.

Call Number Browse

In this video, Jessie and Kelly use this system preference to include a link to the Call Number Browse. Once this HTML text has been added to the System Preference, IntranetNav, the text, and link will appear on the top static bar of the Staff Interface.

This is a great feature to use for either the Call Number browse as we showed today or another link that library staff needs to access during their time in Koha. When clicking this new link on the top of the staff client for the Call Number browse, a Search Call Number box will appear. Typing in the full or partial call number will populate a list of call numbers in your library by branch.

Call Number Browse While Cataloging

If you missed last week's Monday Minutes, check it out! We use this Call Number browse feature while cataloging!

Monday Minutes: Call Number Browse While Cataloging