Koha How-To

Monday Minutes: Call Number Browse While Cataloging

In this week's Monday Minutes, Kelly and Jessie will show you how to browse for call numbers you are adding to the edit/add item page. The feature allows you to check the call number that you are planning on using for a specific item against existing call numbers within your database.

Searching in an Item Record

  1. Navigate to Add or edit an item record
  2. In the text field next to o - Full call number, enter your call number
  3. Next, look for the ... on the right-hand side of the text field.
  4. Click on the ... and that will open a modal window.

  • The green tab will indicate where your call number will fall between.
  • Anything highlighted in red will indicate the call number is already in use.

Setting Up your Framework

  1. Go to MARC bibliographic framework
    1. Home --> Administration --> MARC frameworks
  2. Click in MARC structure (Default framework)
    1. or another framework you want to add the plugin to
  3. Search for tag: 952$o
  4. In Others Options, click the dropdown for Plugin
  5. Choose cn_browser.pl
  6. Click save changes

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