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Monday Minutes: Batch Item Modification

In this week's Monday Minutes, Kelly and Jessie show how to use the Batch Item Modification Tool.


From the Tools Module, choose Batch Item Modification. In the tutorial video, Kelly showed how to use the Item Search in Koha to collect barcodes of the items we were going to modify. Also, through the tool, barcodes can be scanned in, or a user could start in reports and gather what items will be modified.

Once the barcodes have been added regardless of the method, the user will be brought to a screen which will display information about the items found.

The option to display specific columns or hide them will be helpful for users who only want to see specific values and have them fit on the screen. All items that were included in the tool will be automatically checked, as to say, these items will be modified. If a specific item shouldn't be modified, the user can uncheck that item/s.

Below the items, the user will see the Batch Item Tool- which displays all the fields that can be modified. From here, the user can make the appropriate modifications, such as changing the Shelving Location or Updating a specific status.

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