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Koha Question of the Week: How Can Notices be Edited in Koha?

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Question: How Can Notices be Edited in Koha?

Answer: Both the text and content of each Notice and Slip generated in Koha can be edited and customized to fit the library and branch.

Within the Tools module, the Notices and Slips are where all the notices are contained.

From here, each notice/slip that is sent by Koha will be listed in this table. There is a code and a description to assist the library to find which notice to edit.

Here are some helpful documents that can assist in finding the right notice and what should be contained in each one.

Existing Notices found in Koha- Manual

Notices and Slips Library-Koha Wiki

Customizing Notices and Slips- Koha Wiki

Helpful PDF for Customizing Notices and Slips

An Editing Example

1. Go to Koha staff interface

2. Click on Tools

3. Click on Notices and slips

4. Choose the Notice to Edit

5. Click on which Notice by Transport Type: Print/Email/SMS/Phone

7. Click on content

Make the edits necessary. This can include adding/editing/removing information from the text box on the right or including more information from the Options on the left.

If using pre-defined information from the left, click on the text you want to use, and then use the insert button to have it placed within the notice.

8. Save

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