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Koha Question of the Week: Can the Hold Ratio Default Value Be Set?

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Question: Can the Hold Ratio Default Value Be Set?

Answer: Historically, the default hold ratio value in the Hold ratios report, linked in the circulation module and from acquisitions, has been a hard-coded value of 3. The number could be adjusted at runtime along with other parameters, but 3 was the default.

As of 24.05, which our partners will be getting later this summer, that ratio default value will be configurable via system preference courtesy of Bug 23208, which will introduce a new system preference to set it, HoldRatioDefault. The default value of that preference will still be 3 to preserve existing behavior, but libraries will be able to change it to the value guiding their purchase decisions.

The Hold ratio report works best for single-site or multi-branch libraries; for anything more complex like a consortium, many libraries interested in making purchase decisions guided by holds ratios prefer custom SQL reports, which allows for more complex determinations of which copies, statuses, and even patron hold branches should be counted.

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