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Koha Question of the Week: How Does Koha Integrate with OCLC Connexion?

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Question: How Does Koha Integrate with OCLC Connexion?

Answer: Libraries using OCLC Connexion can integrate with Koha in a couple ways, which has been covered in a Monday Minutes, but for those who would like the information in text form, the Koha Wiki has some excellent documentation.

The first way many libraries use OCLC Connexion is to use the desktop client, do their copy cataloging from within Connexion, and then import directly into Koha via staged Marc files. Setup involves submitting a ticket to our systems team for the credentials to connect the desktop client to Koha, then following directions in the Koha manual for completing the connection.

Other libraries have opted to use the OCLC Connexion browser, which also has instructions in the Wiki. OCLC has announced that they will be discontinuing the Connexion browser at the end of April 2024, so libraries will need to either use the browser-based product that will be replacing it, or they should set up a Connexion Gateway using the desktop software.

If your cataloging workflow has until now been through Connexion browser, we are happy to help set up a Connexion Gateway so that libraries have a chance to get familiar with a slightly different workflow well before the end of April deadline for Connexion browser.

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