Koha Tutorial Videos

Monday Minutes: OCLC Connexion

Heather Hernandez, a Koha community member, joins Kelly and Jessie to share some OCLC Connexion processes. We walk through how to import a created record in Koha into OCLC Connexion, how to directly import records in Koha from OCLC connexion and also how to export Authorities from OCLC connexion into Koha. This is a great tutorial video for anyone who is new to OCLC connexion, new to Koha and works with OCLC or anyone that is thinking about getting OCLC/Koha!

Using the Web Browser

During our video with Heather, we discuss the options of the OCLC web browser and if there is direct export functionality in this program as there is in the Connexion client. Heather went ahead and tested this for us and created this next video to share also!

More OCLC Documentation

The Koha Manual also includes screenshots and step by step instructions on exporting bib records to Koha from OCLC.

Koha Manual

PDF Document

Included in the manual is how to include Item information to your records in OCLC and have them created in Koha.