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Item Modifications in Koha

Here is a short blog post and tutorial video on how to make modifications to an item in Koha, specifically changing the status, updating the barcode, or adjusting the price.

Item Modifications

From the bibliographic record in Koha, a staff member can make specific items to items already in the Koha system. For example, if a price needed to change, a barcode needed to be updated, or a new status needed to be updated.

Within the record, there is an Edit option within the Holdings table to the far right. This Edit will allow the user to choose the specific item they would like to edit, and Koha will bring them right to the specific item to make those edits.

Once the Edit Item page is brought up, each item field can be edited and altered as desired by the library.

Once the changes have been made, the bottom "Save Changes" will make these new changes active.

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