Aspen Discovery

eContent Vendor Removal from Aspen Discovery

If you have to remove an eContent vendor connection from Aspen, it is very easy to do! Follow the following steps to remove those records. These steps refer to how to remove eContent vendors who we connect to in Aspen Discovery through API's, for example Overdrive, RBdigital, Cloud Library, Axis360, etc.

  1. Go to the vendor module in your Aspen Administration menu.
  2. Delete all of the 'scopes' from that vendor
  3. Delete all of the 'settings' from that vendor
  4. Go into the 'System Administration' section of the administration menu and click into 'Modules'
  5. Search for the name of the vendor and click the 'Edit' button on the far right.
  6. Uncheck the box that says 'Enabled?' Once you have done this, that vendors tab should be removed from both the administration menu and patron accounts. However, the records will still be in the catalog.
  7. To ensure the records are removed from the catalog, click into 'System Variables' in 'System Administration' and make sure 'Run full index tonight' says 'yes'. If it does not click 'Edit' and check the box that says 'Run full index tonight' and then save your changes.
  8. Tomorrow all of those records will be removed from your catalog as they will be removed as the reindex runs overnight!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to your Aspen Discovery support company!