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Creating Web Pages in Koha

This will outline how to create webpages in Koha from a presentation at koha-US 2023 in Portsmouth, NH.

Koha now has an easy way to create custom pages in the OPAC and in the staff interface. This opens unlimited possibilities for a custom web pages highlighting library collections, research, events tutorials and information for staff. In this presentation Lucas, Kelly and Jessie will show you how to create web pages in the OPAC and staff interface in Koha.

Jessie Zairo, Kelly McElligott, and Lucas Gass (ByWater Solutions)

Font Examples

Font Awesome 4


jQuery and the UserJS’s

HTML: Contain all of your custom with a uniquely named HTML ID.

CSS: Add CSS in <style> tags on the Page itself.

JS: Add JS to InternetUserJS and OPACUserJS. Add a check to limit it to that particular page:

if ( $(‘#my_uniqie_element’).length ) {

//do the things!!!


Monday Minutes on Adding Web Pages

Monday Minutes: Adding Web Pages in Koha

Manage pages in Koha opac

KohaUS 2023 Presentation

At kohacon23, Gladys Cathelain, spoke about managing pages in the Koha OPAC. The presentation below outline different use cases.

Read more by Jessie Zairo

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