Connecting Koha or Aspen Discovery to Patron Point

Patron Point is a fully featured marketing automation platform, exclusively for public libraries, that connects with Koha and/or Aspen Discovery along with other data, allowing you to segment your patrons in any number of ways based on data and harness the power of automation in your day-to-day customer messaging.

How Does it Connect

Patron Sync™ is a real-time connector that automates your data management and connects Patron Point to Koha and other data sources.

Patron Point Features

Patron Point Verify™ allows libraries the opportunity to transform their library card signup and card renewal processes. This process can be embedded on your library website and sends the data directly to Koha. Verify identity verification service and GIS toolset check registration addresses fall within the library service area or in the case of a library consortium, assign patrons to the correct library.

  • Online Registration
  • Address Verification

Email Marketing allows staff to build and send emails to your target audience. The connection with Koha sends data to Patron Point.

  • Welcome New Patrons
  • Card Renewal Reminders
  • Patron Notices
  • Customer Surveys
  • Newsletters
  • New Title Recommendations

Analytics and Reporting allow staff to automatically share reports with colleagues and turn the data into action with tools like Tableau and Microsoft Power BI for data analysis and visualizations.

For More Information on Patron Point

If you would like to learn more about how the patron engagement platform is being used by other Koha and Aspen Libraries please contact Patron Point to learn more Get in Touch.