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Aspen Updates in an Instant 21.07

Who doesn't love a good re-brand? New Coke anyone? Crystal Pepsi? We hope this will be better received!

The Aspen Team is growing alongside the Aspen community. We take your feedback, discuss what we can do better to meet your needs, and get comfortable with trying something new! We know that time is the most important resource so we are rebranding our "Lunch and Learn" series to something we're calling "Aspen Updates... in an instant."

We promise to bring you updates related to our Aspen releases in 15 minutes or less! You can still attend these events live if you want to hang out with the community, get front row access to the Aspen release features, and ask any questions you may have. We will also still have the recording made available to you. We will demo the 3-5 things that we think will have the biggest impact on your library and your library patrons. The full release notes will still be available in your Aspen Administration module and we will put them out in a blog post as well!

Watch the Recording