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Advanced Search in the OPAC

Using Advanced Search in the OPAC

Finding a title in the OPAC shouldn't be a mystery. Leave the sleuthing for Sherlock by utilizing the Advanced Search feature. The location of this feature is dependent on the unique customization of your OPAC but it is usually hovering somewhere around the General Search Bar at the top of your site. By using Advanced Search in your query, it gives you, and your patrons, the power to focus and expedite looking for an item. Below is an example of the Advanced Search location on our partners' Hollis Social Library website.

Once you have clicked on Advanced Search, you can select from filters, like "Title" and "Author" to further define your search. In this search query, we have entered "fables" in the Title field and "klein" into the Author field.

Scrolling down, you will find even more ways to limit your search in the Item Types section. This is the perfect place to modify if the item may be available in multiple formats, like DVD and Audio Book.

Here is an example of a popular title that comes in several different formats. Using the Advanced Search feature, we put "harry potter" in the Title filter and selected Book as the Item Type. The search removed all the other formats and only left us with the texts that related to Harry Potter.

Advanced Search can help patrons find exactly what they're looking for in a lot less time. Playing around with this feature is also a great way to discover other books by the same author and explore new parts of the collection patrons may have not stumbled upon. We hope this helps you and your patrons the next time you use your library's catalog.

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