Monday Minutes : Using Slack

What is Slack?

Slack is a communication tool to be used as an alternative to email or in addition to email for companies. It is an easy method to have conversations with others and to share information.

ByWater Solutions is a 100% telecommute company. We use Slack every day and it is an essential tool for us to talk with each other, keep each other informed, and share helpful information!

Our partners are also invited to join us in our Slack workplace to have the ability to ask questions. In addition to calling us, emailing us, sending us a ticket, you can now also ask us your questions in Slack.

Here is a short video tutorial on setting up a Slack account and sending a message to ByWater!

Other Slack Tips

- Slack can be used in your browser. You do not need to download any software.

-Slack can be used on any device!

-Attaching files, screenshots, and emojis is all possible in Slack!

-Scrollback is available in Slack- if not in the channel for a few days, you can still see any conversations that happened.

-All the staff at ByWater will see your question and will get the right person to help you! We have created some quick emoji alerts in Slack, so if you know you need a specific department, you can add that emoji to your question!

Give us a call, send us a ticket or email, to get an invitation to our ByWater Partner Slack channel.

Once you have activated your Slack account, you are ready to If you have any questions about using Slack - we are happy to help!

Slack Resources

Here is a link to 5 tips on using Slack:

Don't be a stranger- join us in Slack! We would love to hear from you!

Read more by Kelly McElligott