What We Do:

Unlike other ILS companies, ByWater Solutions believes in empowering our library partners with the knowledge to fully utilize their ILS by employing a comprehensive training and education program. Continuing education about the system, including ongoing knowledge of enhancements, release updates, and community involvement is key to getting the most out of Koha and the Community that helps to support it. As part of a forward thinking library community, we find it extremely important to educate our partners on the versatility and flexibility of the system as well as give them the tools and access to their own data free of charge.

Onsite Training:

The best way to learn the ins and outs of Koha is to take advantage of ByWater’s comprehensive onsite training services. Using a combination of hands on, lecture and demonstration techniques, the team at ByWater is the best equipped in the industry to get your library comfortable with your new system. ByWater Solutions’ training prices are the lowest in the industry and its staff is the most qualified of all Koha providers in the United States. Training typically takes place over the course of three days and the schedule is made according to your staffing needs so as to cause as little impact on your day to day as possible. Training takes place on a test server which will be populated with your library’s own data and configuration to ensure greater familiarity and comfort with your new system. ByWater’s onsite training covers all aspects of the Koha OPAC, Circulation, Patron Management, Cataloging, Serials, Acquisitions, Reports, Administrations and Tools.


Live Webinar Training:

If onsite training is not an option for your library we recommend utilizing our live webinar training solutions. ByWater will create a custom schedule to work with your needs while employing many of the techniques used with our onsite training sessions. Your library will be educated on all of the functionality within Koha using a virtual environment which allows questions and comments to be made in real time. Webinar training can be spread over as many days as is needed to better meet the needs of small libraries and institutions where staff schedules are a challenge. ByWater’s Live Webinar Training covers all aspects of the Koha OPAC, Circulation, Patron Management, Cataloging, Serials, Acquisitions, Reports, Administrations and Tools.


Ongoing Training:

Because Koha is an ever-evolving modern ILS, ongoing training is included with our support offering at no additional cost. Ongoing training occurs with the release of major upgrades and is done via webinar. These webinars highlight any changes or enhancements made to your Koha installation to fully educate your library on the new functionality applied to your system with each upgrade.  Training refreshers for existing or new staff can also be scheduled on a one on one webinar basis upon request as well, also free of charge.