Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance

ByWater Solutions performs regular maintenance with the goal of consistently improving the system and support services we provide.

Every Tuesday between 9 pm (21:00) Eastern and 11 pm (23:00) pacific, ByWater schedules out-of-hours maintenance for partners. During this time, your Koha may be briefly unavailable while we perform routine tasks such as patching, or any job that you have requested that we have indicated will be an out-of-hours task.

Regular required infrastructure maintenance that may incur downtime or performance degradation for our hosted partners is scheduled for Tuesday evenings after 9 pm local time, and between 6 am and 10 am Central Time on Sunday morning. We will notify partners for any scheduled maintenance that requires an outage or performance degradation outside of these hours.

Why during these times?

We've selected these times to ensure we can be as quick and effective as possible with ready access to the ByWater systems and development teams, and 3rd party provider support as needed. We serve customers that operate 24/7 in all US time zones.


You can view the status of any outages live at