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Women in Open Source: Claire Hernandez

This month we are interviewing some wonderful women in the open source community! Here are some excerpts from our interview with Claire Hernandez of BibLibre.

Please tell us a little bit about yourself, your background and your current role in open source.

I have been working for BibLibre for 10 years in France. We participate in developing the use of open source softwares in libraries. I have a technical background as a developer and I have been a facilitator in teams too. I am now in charge of the R&D facet of the company. I suggest enhancements of the products we provide or new open source software that could be useful to our users.

What led you to open source?

Looking for a model that makes sense in my digital life most likely. I have been using open source software since I started using computers. The model quickly won me over.

What is a favorite project, experience or memory related to open source?

I have been pleasantly surprised the past year by the dynamism of the Folio community (which is a library services platform) and its welcome to new entrants. Despite the system being complex, people take time to answer your questions with quality.

I am currently interested in the activity around the "linux phone" pinephone and the communities that revolve around it (notably KDE-plasma and Mobian). It's yet another initiative to put linux on a mobile device and it's great to see the projects and people coordinating for an interesting free experience. I do not shy away from my pleasure of finding a usual technical environment on my phone.

What do you love about open source?

The co-creation of tools, the sustainability of the solutions created, the meaning, doing it together, transparency... Everything ?

What is something you are listening to or reading right now?

Regularly podcasts and articles about agility, management and facilitation and a lot of things about soil and trees.

Anything else you'd like to share?

I believe that the open source world is above all a question of teams that come together. Contributing is not just submitting a patch, it's all there is to help the emergence of this software and content.