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Vote for the KohaCon13 Venue

Each year the location for KohaCon is picked by Koha community members. For those of you interested in joining us for KohaCon 2013, the voting on venue is now open!

To review the full proposals please read here: http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Kohacon2013 and then visit: http://survey.web2learning.net/limesurvey/index.php?sid=91534&lang=en and submit your votes.

Voting Rules: If you vote for someplace as #1 it gets 5 points, #2 it gets 4 points, and so on. In the end we tally the points to see where the conference takes place. That way if everyone picks one place as #1 but more people pick it as second and third it still might win. So basically if you won’t go somewhere no matter what then don’t vote for that location and it will get no points from you.

The only limit to voting is one vote per person, so share this with your friends and colleagues who are interested in attending because each person gets a vote!

Voting will be closed on July 17th, so make sure you get your vote in soon.

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