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There is a new translation available on the Aspen Discovery seas!

Pirate Translation is Now Available

That's right, me matey's, just in time for April Fools, the Aspen Discovery team has released a new Pirate translation that you can add to your Aspen Discovery catalogs. Interested in bringing a little merriment to your library krewe? Follow the instructions below!


To add and modify a new language to your catalog, you must have the following Aspen permissions:

  • Administer Languages
  • Translate Aspen

Add New Language

To add Pirate, follow these steps:

Go to Aspen Administration > Languages and Translation > click into Languages > Add New

Fill in the following fields:

Code: ang

^ This code must match exactly in order to pull in the translation

Display name - native: Pirate

Display name - English: Pirate

Facet Value: Pirate

We recommend checking the box Display To Translators Only until you are ready to make available to patrons.


When you are ready to make available to patrons, uncheck Display To Translators Only

Overnight Cron

Once you have set this up, the language will pull in from the Aspen Community server via an overnight cron. So, you will see it the next morning.

Add Your Own Contributions

All libraries that have added the Pirate translation can contribute to the translation by adding new translations for phrases that haven't been translated yet.

To do this, switch into that language translation and then use Aspen's Translation functionality to make updates. Aspen checks for updates to these translations every night.

Switch into Pirate

Once the translation is set up and the overnight process has run, you'll be able to switch into Pirate.

Access this either:

  • From the side hamburger menu > Languages
  • From the right header: Languages or this might be labeled Languages & Display

A note for consortiums and/or shared servers: Adding languages is a global decision and shared across all library systems, which means that when you add a language it adds the language to all catalogs

Really Want to Up the Ante? Create a Pirate Theme!

To create a corresponding pirate theme, you can go to Theme & Layout > Theme > click into your existing Theme and click Copy at the top (or create a new theme from scratch).

Give your theme a new name (i.e. Pirate).

You can switch out the header and any other logos to give it some pirate flare.

You can even update the background image on the catalog by following these instructions.

Users will be able to save this as their preferred browsing background. The possibilities are endless!

Learn more about Aspen's Theme settings.

Learn More

Curious how this all works? Learn more about Aspen's Languages and Translations:

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