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We are happy to announce our newest session for The Library is Open Podcast! Today’s session features an interview with Christine Peterson, Engagement and Emerging Technologies Coordinator at Amigos Library Services. Christine talks to us today about their involvement in the SimplyE project developed by the New York Public Library. SimplyE was developed as an open source project that allows libraries to provide a single platform for their ebook collections. Listen as Christine discusses hosting, marketing and their support of the SimplyE platform.

About SimplyE

SimplyE is The New York Public Library’s free e-reader app that makes it easier than ever to borrow e-books. Developed by NYPL as an open source initiative, now other libraries can provide a consolidated and clear view of their e-book collections.

Read more at: NYPL SimplyE

SimplyE Open Reading Platform on GitHub: An Open Source Ebook platform to simplify finding and reading ebooks from libraries.

About Amigos Library Services

Amigos is a not-for-profit membership-based organization dedicated to serving libraries. They are one of the largest library service networks in the nation. Whether it’s for continuing education, member discounts, or professional advice, they are there for their members.

Amigos Library Services is a hosting provider for the SimplyE app, which combines titles from multiple ebook and audiobook providers into a single, easy-to-use list for your patrons. Browsing, searching, and downloading is simple, without the complication of Adobe IDs for your patrons.

Read more about Amigos at: SimplyE

About Christine Peterson

As the Engagement & Emerging Technologies Coordinator, Christine works with members to identify their needs and create services to assist them. She also follows technology trends to discover how Amigos can promote and support these project, possibly bringing them to our members as Amigos services. Currently, she guides the implementation of the SimplyE service, an open source app that brings multiple ebook feeds into a single, easy-to-use interface for patrons.

She is also known for her technology training throughout the Southwest, making complicated topics easy for librarians to understand. Prior to joining Amigos, she was the Manager for Continuing Education & Consulting at the Texas State Library & Archives Commission, guiding and supporting libraries statewide. She also worked for both San Antonio College and the Florida Institute of Technology as their systems librarian, converting their library catalogs to automated systems.

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