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Staff Spotlight: Nick Clemens

Each month, we highlight one of our talented team members. This month, our Staff Spotlight will focus on Nick Clemens, Sonic Screwdriver and Koha Developer at ByWater Solutions.

Who is Nick?

Nick recently celebrated eight years at ByWater Solutions as a Koha Developer. Since starting at ByWater, Nick has made a huge impact on both the company and the greater global Koha Community. He has submitted countless bugfixes and new developments, has held multiple positions within the community, and still has time to take care of partners and fellow team members, many of whom look to him as a trusted resource and mentor. Nick’s colleges say that he is "Mr. Koha” and that "everyone in the ByWater Koha Community looks up to him for guidance and knowledge for all things Koha. There is never a topic, question or problem Nick won’t hunt down and find a solution too. His approach to problem solving always takes into consideration multiple paths, making sure we think about all avenues before providing a solution.

Nate Curulla, CRO at ByWater Solutions, commented:

Nick is a blast to be around. His positive attitude, sense of humor, style and empathy make him easy to approach and talk to about any topic. His dedication to ByWater and the Koha community is unwavering, and he is a consistent voice for libraries, our partners and ByWater Solutions."

Nick is a librarian from Vermont. He became interested in Koha when his libraries migrated to the ILS. As part of the VOKAL consortium he became involved in the Koha community, testing and signing off patches and eventually writing patches of his own. He is currently a member of the Koha QA team, and has served as release maintainer and release manager.

Nick is called the sonic screwdriver because you can point him at any problem, he will make a lot of noise (a good deal of loud typing) and something will happen.

Nick's Favorite Thing about the Open Source Community

What I love most about working on Koha is the community. Whether it's my ByWater colleagues, our partners, or the global Koha community, I get to work with an amazingly talented group of people, all devoted to libraries and open source. I get to help make a difference to library users world wide."

Thanks, Nick, for all you do at ByWater Solutions!

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